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2 highlighted wines

  • Pôpa Vinhas Velhas 2015, Douro Red Wine
  • Quinta do Pôpa Vintage 2016, Port Wine

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About Quinta do Pôpa

Quinta do Pôpa is a “window on the Douro river.” A property in the Douro Valley, wine producer, located on the slope of EN 222, in Tabuaço municipality, in the Alto Douro Wine Region. The name and history symbolize the fullfilment of a dream that has passed from generation to generation, honoring Francisco Ferreira, better known as Pôpa: his child has acquired ownership in 2003, but today are his grandchildren – Stéphane and Vanessa Ferreira – who are in command of Quinta do Pôpa, with the aim of producing wines of honor.

A family project sponsored from the start by winemaker Luis Pato and currently has the oenology of João Menezes. With a total area of 50 hectares, of which twenty six are vineyards, all of letter A category; and 3.5 ha of olive groves. There are four hectares of old vineyard with more than 80 years and a mixture of more than 21 grape varieties. Production combines the most sophisticated techniques with centuries of rigorous tradition, such as foot treading in granite lagares at a controlled temperature; and building a brand with personality and quality, created through its history and the harmonious marriage between the earth and the climate that their terroir has to offer. http://www.quintadopopa.com/en/about/