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About Quinta do Piloto

Heir of four generations of a historic family of Palmela, Quinta do Piloto brings you the very best of 500 acres of vineyards in the oldest local terroirs of the Setubal Península. Being one of the few wineries that retain the traditional winemaking method of Palmela.

Quinta do Piloto’s production comes from a selection of the family vineyards in the best Palmela’s terroirs. Among these are 86 acres of old vines, with 40 to 70 years in age, divided into three estates – Lau, Fernando Pó e Agualva – with the traditional sandy soils, ideal for local varieties Castelão (Periquita) and Fernão Pires. Also noteworthy are 10 acres of Muscat in north facing clay-limestone soils, allowing for unparalleled fresh and aromatic wines.

The Cardoso’s family wineries, with a capacity of 6 million litres, stand out because of the traditional wine making methods, using natural resources, minimizing energy costs and reducing the environmental impact.

Quinta do Piloto’s winery, located in Serra do Louro, uses natural light and thick walls to ensure a constant temperature. Also, the whole process is powered by gravity. This is one of the few wineries that retains Palmela’s traditional method with “auto-wine makers”, a 100% environmentally friendly method, that uses the natural energy of fermentation for pumping. This ancient method is completed by modern temperature control.