Quinta da Corte

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Importer in the US, Brasil, Switzerland, UK.




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  • DOC Red Wine Princesa
  • Porto LBV 2015

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About Quinta da Corte

Each plot is monitored very carefully, and there is no one set way of going about it. Every year nature deals new cards, and we have to play the hand we are dealt. The growing methods used by the Quinta da Côrte are highly sustainable, close to full organic standards, and our preferred approach is to allow a progressive natural balance to develop between the vine and its environment. Each of the 22 plots is treated differently, and indeed one could almost say that every plant in every plot is treated as an individual. In accordance with the philosophy of Vignobles Austruy, the sole purpose of any procedures we apply is to nurture the vine so that it can give of its best in a context which varies with each passing year – the vintage.

The same applies to the wine store. Vinification is never rushed. The aim is to allow the grapes to do themselves full justice.