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2 highlighted wines

  • Casa de Vilacetinho Avesso & Alvarinho 2019, White, Vinho Verde DOC
  • Casa de Vilacetinho Avesso Reserva 2018, White, Vinho Verde DOC

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About Casa de Vilacetinho

Casa de Vilacetinho, of 1790, was one of the first producers of the Vinhos Verdes region. Today it continues to honour its legacy of producing high quality wines. The history of Casa de Vilacetinho is somewhat intertwined with the history of the Vinhos Verdes. Located in Alpendurada, part of Marco de Canavezes, it’s one of the oldest brands of the region, adding important milestones to the history of Portuguese wines.

The varietal Avesso, simultaneously one of the most emblematic and challenging of the Vinhos Verdes region, is the base of the wines here at Casa de Vilacetinho, which can be described by their character, balance and elegant style. With a young and fresh profile, the wines adapt to any moment.