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Vinho Verde White Wines 

2 highlighted wines

  • TORDO Alvarinho – White Wine
  • LUZ Vinho Verde – White Wine

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About Carneiro Wines

We are a family winery in the Vinhos Verdes region, in Basto, an ancient land with vineyards and wine production, and were we also have deep family roots. As we began to produce our TORDO wine from the Alvarinho variety, our first wine, we wanted it to have a distinctive character, almost a personality of its own, although fresh and balanced as Vinhos Verdes whites can be. So we kept Alberto responsible for the vineyard and Cristiana began to create the wines, with all the TLC as they give to their children.

This is how the TORDO wine was born in 2017, inspired by our history, a migratory bird that arrives in the countryside and settles in the midst of the vineyards and olive trees, makes its nest and sometimes seduced by the charm of the land, does not leave anymore, creating their offspring born of blue eggs throughout the year. Our family is, since 2004, like these birds.

In 2019 LUZ wine is launched, influenced by the regional wine of native grape varieties with a very characteristic taste, honoring the beauty of the region and its incredible light of day, incomparable, and partially responsible for our resilience over the years.

We are a family and we are also winemakers, motivated to inspire as many as we come across with our wines made each year with the grapes created in the lands that we explore and take care with all the dedication.