The first world week dedicated to Portuguese Wine, during which wine trade ambassadors from all over the world promote events with and around Portuguese Wine.

A unique opportunity to promote these trade ambassadors and their wine bars, restaurants and wine shops, as well as to bring Portuguese Wine to consumers, and show them where they can enjoy or buy it.

Focusing on the US market, Portugal Wine Week will also welcome ambassadors from other regions, who add value to the event. The campaign will run and be promoted in English as the official language.

When does it happen?

Portugal Wine Week will take place in the first trimester of 2020

Who’s behind it?

Adegga is an award-winning platform created with the aim of bringing together Portuguese wine producers and consumers to share their love of wine.

In 2009 Adegga created the Adegga WineMarket (now in its 29th edition), a series of exclusive wine events where customers can taste and buy a selection of the best Portuguese wines together with people who make them.

Adegga is also the company behind the innovative SmartWineGlass technology, which helps people attending wine events to easily (using their wine glass) put together a list of all wines tasted, and comfortably getting it via email after the event. The SmartWineGlass  was distinguished with a Wine Business Innovation Summit Award, at the Wine Business Innovation Summit 2014, in Munique, and is currently used in events across Europe and South America.